It's time to share your talents!

Students and staff, it's time to get creative while staying safe! Join us for our first ever Virtual Cherokee Elementary Talent and Art Show. Students will view the production in school, and we will share a link for the premiere Friday, May 7th at 6:30PM. Think outside the box and use this opportunity to showcase your talents in a way that you couldn't in a traditional talent show. You get to record ahead of the time. Feel free to go crazy: just keep your recording under 2 minutes.


Here are the hard and fast rules that all submissions have to follow

  • You must be a student or staff member of Cherokee to submit talent or piece of artwork. Siblings or family members can "help out" but we want the focus to be on Cherokee.
  • If performing with music, a "clean" version of a song with explicit lyrics is NOT acceptable
  • All performances should be no more than 2 minutes long
  • All themes and attire must be appropriate for a 3rd grade-6th grade audience
  • The final deadline for submissions will be Friday, April 23 at 11:59pm


Here are some guidelines for a high quality submission

  • Record your video in 16:9 landscape aspect ratio (longways like a TV, not vertical like cell phone video) because it will be shown on TVs and on YouTube
  • Do your best to record quality video (selfies are probably not the way to go) with good lighting, clear audio and at a volume where the performer can be easily heard
  • Think outside the box. What can you do virtually to showcase your talents that you couldn't do if you were in person? Fun tricks with video editing? Take advantage of a bigger stage or unique location to showcase your talent?
  • For artwork, please make sure your artwork is complete, colorful and reflects your best effort
  • Make sure artwork is cropped how you want it and taken with good lighting just like videos